Excellent and Comprehensive In-Home Denture Services

E. Edwards and Associates Mobile Denture Care provides a wide range of mobile denture services to our clients. Our team personally goes to their location to promptly address their removable denture issues. With our help, our clients are able to chew easily, speak comfortably, and smile confidently.

Servicing Existing Dentures

Loose fitting, misaligned, and broken dentures can all cause oral tissue injuries which could lead to more serious health problems. To avoid these health risks and improve your dental health reach out to us. We are skilled in: tightening loose dentures, repairing damaged dentures, adding and modifying partial dentures.

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Replacement Dentures

If your dentures are missing, broken, or worn out, don’t worry! Our team can tackle any type of denture replacement—whether they are complete dentures, partial metal or resin dentures, flexible dentures, implant retained, or supported over-dentures.


First-time Denture Wearers

Whether you have lost a few or many teeth, your chewing is compromised. And the remaining teeth have lost their means of working together as a group. It could be that your appearance has been noticeably changed and your speech has become difficult to be understood by others. It’s time to consider artificial replacements. Dentures are a cost-effective way to replace naturally missing teeth. Our dedicated denturists are ready to design your new smile with natural looking replacement teeth from first visit to final delivery.